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May  18 – 19

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EMMELLE is a womenswear collection designed and hand-produced in the Garment District of New York. The collection is defined by a timeless aesthetic with an artistic perspective, focusing on premium quality and unique fabrications from Europe and Japan. The name EMMELLE originates from Mi Jong Lee’s initials, ‘M. L.’

In 1982 Lee opened a retail store named Emmelle, building a dedicated customer base with her distinct style of understated elegance. A second retail store followed in 1989, and in 2007 Emmelle launched a wholesale division and is now sold in over 65 specialty stores across the United States.

Mi Jong’s work is deeply influenced by art, architecture and culture. Silhouettes are clean yet distinctive, reflecting the individuality and strength of the EMMELLE woman. Lee is also dedicated to exceptional quality and preserving the traditions of New York’s Garment District.