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About Trapp and Company
About Trapp and Company

For 50 years Trapp and Company has assisted clients in creating their visions with a splash of style through our award winning, striking floral arrangements, lavish event productions, and stunning interior design services. Trapp and Company has since become one of the Midwest’s most respected floral and interior design firms, and a Kansas City staple known for its distinguished style and impeccable taste.

Our company history is always growing and we look forward to growing our relationship with you.
Trapp is home to the world famous line of Trapp Candles and Scents, which were invented in the basement of the shop by Mr. Trapp himself. The store continues to provide world class customer service and handpicked gift ideas fit for any budget. With no signs of slowing down, Bob and his staff feel honored for the continued support of their clientele, and look forward to many more years serving the greater Kansas City community with the most unique gifts, floral arrangements and style.


Bob Trapp

Mr Trapp, a native of Russell, Kansas, is a small town boy with high class flair. The only son of a Kansas oil driller, Trapp landed his first job at the ripe age of eleven, sweeping floors at a local flower shop. He carefully studied his co-workers, and before long worked himself into a designer role, quite possibly becoming the youngest designer in sunflower state history. Bob studied Classic Voice at Wichita State University, but upon realizing that the life of an opera star was one filled with countless late nights and endless hotel rooms, he changed directions and headed to the big city. After arriving in Kansas City, he soon began work at the historic Liesveld’s flower shop, where he worked alongside many of the cities floral greats. Upon opening his own shop in Westport in the fall of 1969, Bob Trapp soon began attracting a clientele composed of some of the area’s most notable figures, and before long went international. From Ambassadors, to Presidents, to Princesses, he has orchestrated illustrious events for some of the world’s most distinguished individuals of the 20th century.