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Addi Leitch

Addi has been invested in the floral industry for 4 years, and began working at Trapp & Co. in January of 2019. She also has a Communications degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Addi has a life long love for crafts and design. As a young adult she worked in craft studios, theater camps, and gift shops. For her, constantly being in creative work environments has always been great. The opportunity to express yourself makes every day different.

Addi loves every season! Her favorite part is how she gets to work with new flowers every couple of months. Yet, she of course has a soft spot for Christmas, because it’s the best holiday ever. In fact she begins listening to Christmas music in October.

We love having Addi at Trapp & Co. she provides lots of comic relief, is an amazing listener, and her smile lights up the room!