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Mel Garris

In high school, Mel found that she loved floral design, and started working with fresh flowers. She’s been working with them ever since. In fact, she’s worked in the industry for nearly 20 years, in places such as Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, London, France and many other small European cities.

 Her favorites are seasonal blooms because they are typically locally-sourced, and give her work a variety in style. She likes to start a design with an unusual container.  This creates a more natural and airy arrangement. She then picks her focal flowers, and goes from there, until she fills her client’s needs.

 Mel has had the opportunity to work with multiple families, creating décor for all of their functions, including weddings, holiday events and house flowers. She enjoys getting to know her clients.

Mel has a cute little boy, who also loves flowers and is passionate about art and color. He enjoys picking flowers, arranging flowers, and searching for four leaf clovers. His favorite past time is coming to work with his mom, and even knows how to push a broom 😊