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Elyse Garrett

As a child, Elyse loved to pick flowers and design beautiful arrangements… with flowers she’d find outside, whether she was supposed to cut them, or not. She has fond memories of time spent outside with her mom and aunt, and has always been intrigued by gardening and landscaping.

After going to school for Occupational Therapy, Elyse came to realize she wanted to focus more on the creative, artistic side of her interests.  Initially, Elyse had the opportunity to work alongside Andrew Zellmer with Arts & Flowers.  She enjoyed her time spent working with florals at one of our local country clubs.

In January of 2018, Elyse began designing here in our work room.  She brought her sweet nature, an amazing sense of precision, and beautiful presence along with her. We are overjoyed to have her.

When asked about her favorite flower, she can’t just pick one.  Spring blooms are her favorites with a purple-blue hyacinth, chartreuse cymbidium orchids and tulips ranking high on her list.   When she gets started on a floral design, she starts by collecting the blooms she plans to use.  Depending on the blooms, she then chooses a container, and creates an “apparatus of greens” as a starting point.  The style, movement and lines are then created stem by stem, as she fills in with the flowers, themselves. She loves to create loose, gardeny arrangements using the bright colors of Spring.

 Elyse recently got married, to Will, in Savannah, Georgia with their families celebrating with them. Elyse is the youngest of 5 girls, and they love their large extended family.  Together with Frank, the French Bull Dog, Will and Elyse live nearby, in Brookside.  She enjoys gardening and relaxing during down time, when she’s not working here.  She also enjoys spending free time with friends and family.