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Spotlight on Tyler Böe

tyler böe is the collaborative vision of Sam & Karol Boe, a refreshingly chic collection of sportswear designed for today’s modern, yet refined woman. Driven by color, enhanced by the touch and feel of each garment, the tyler böe collection combines the luxuriousness of the finest European mills with the sourcing skills of the Far East.  It is the utmost attention to the subtle details, whether it be custom buttons, innovative washes or simply the hidden dragonfly logo, which make the tyler böe collection uniquely recognizable.

tyler böe takes a unique approach to bringing fashion to the baby boomers of today. Targeting consumers that do not want to dress like their daughters or their mothers. Aware of fashion, but not trendy, the tyler böe collection takes classic designs and tailors that to today’s contemporary lifestyle.

Inspired by the world we live in, the tyler boe collection is designed overlooking the Green in historic Bedford Village, NY and sold in fine specialty stores and boutiques throughout America.