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Stefanie Richwine

Stefanie came to us in October of 2017, but has over 8 years of floral experience. She’s a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, and has continued her studies in design with classes from various educators in the Floral Industry.

 Being from Iowa, it’s only natural that she started her floral design work with HyVee.  She was challenged in big ways with HyVee, from decorating for Spring Time Party to carving fruits and vegetables for the Founders Suite for the Chiefs. She has won an award for Visual Merchandising and has been featured in SuperFloral, a popular industry magazine, 3 times.

 Fall is her favorite season, and she loves the variety of textures and colors that time of year provides. When starting a design, she likes to have a solid idea of what the customer is looking for…style, intended use, colors, etc. She starts with base flowers, like hydrangea and roses, then adds in the greens and foliage. To finish the design, she adds the showy flowers, like lilies.

 Stefanie lives with Aaron, and their 3 cats.  They’ve been together for over 10 years.  Her family still resides in Iowa, where she grew up, in a town, that at one time only had 300 residents!!

 She enjoys working here at Trapp and Company, and has made memories with each of the various events she’s been involved with. She says “Helping customers create the visions in their mind is satisfying.”