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Tessa Harrison

We have had the pleasure of having Tessa, at Trapp and Company, since October of 2014. She was fresh out of Art School, and wasn’t exactly sure what she’d end up doing with life! Here at Trapp, she fell in love with flowers, and has fostered her passion with her vibrant talent! Being creative by nature, she has found working with flowers to be joyous, as the possibilities are endless.
Tessa’s favorite season is Spring, as it’s such a breath of fresh air, coming out of Christmas.  A vase full of Tulips and Hyacinth will always be super attractive, yet at the same time, she loves structural and unusual forms. In Tessa’s eyes, “the weirder the better!! “
Looking back through her designs, she sees a lot of tropicals and weird combos of flowers. For example, she has used a tropical Anthurium with a spring bloom, like a Clematis. She is always looking to pair new and unusual things together, to form interesting combinations.  She loves that nothing is written in stone and believes flowers were meant to be played with!


We love to have Tessa here as our Lead Designer! Ken Sherman and Tessa make one amazing pair!! She also keeps us fully stocked handling the buying of our fresh blooms and plants.  She wears many hats here at Trapp and Company, but her artistic talent is what we love the most. Tessa is a fabulous leader, a dedicated employee, and is always so very kind.